Virtual Hiring Using Video Screening & Interviewing during COVID-19

Amid the corona virus outbreak, your business might be struggling with how to maintain regular hiring activities. To help your HR professionals continue to recruit new employees and follow-up interviews, the following information about online practices can be helpful.

Obstacles to Overcome

With health official recommending and mandating social isolation and self-isolation at home, in-person job interviews are on hold. Furthermore, HR staff temporarily working from home have different communication needs than when they were in the office, relying on technology more than before to stay connected.

Pre-employment screening is challenging during this and any other health crisis too. HR faces delays in background screenings from third-party organizations, for example, because of office closures and limited staffing.

They also must figure out how to effectively communicate with candidates who are stuck at home. Lastly, team meetings may be less effective than usual.

Create a Virtual Hiring Strategy

Thankfully, there are virtual methods to screen applicants and interview them to continue to grow the company with a strong employee base. Being successful in this new hiring strategy puts reliance on technology and using the right software for your needs.

Firstly, provide employees working from home during COVID-19 with the right equipment. If possible, supply them with a smartphone or tablet to stay connected. If they do not have a work computer or laptop, allow them to use a personal one, provided your business has policies in place around how to use them securely and give that information clearly to the staff.

virtual hiring during COVID-19

Automate the Recruitment Process

As for software, choose automated solutions at the heart of the recruitment process. Our integrated screening tool, for example, enables your HR professionals to ask basic questions of candidates, such as what languages they speak. Alternatively, use the same Talcura tool to create custom questionnaires that quickly determine which candidates are the most suitable.

Given you might be experiencing an influx of applicants, as many people have lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, an automated software suite makes fast work of sorting, video screening, ranking, and following up with applicants.

Video Screening Advantages

In addition to automating recruitment activities, using video software can be beneficial for hiring managers. Applicant videos, for example, are shareable between HR and supervisors, who can discuss which ones possess skills that align best with what is expected in the pertinent job opening.

Furthermore, video screening using Talcura’s talent acquisition software allows HR professionals to sort through applications quickly to see which candidates fit within the company. The process is significantly faster than phoning each person to speak one-on-one with them, which frees up time for other parts of the recruitment process.

Final Words on Remote Recruiting

To continue to move forward with recruiting to prevent business slowdown requires embracing virtual solutions for screening and interviewing activities. When integrated correctly into the organization, your hiring team can still recruit and hire the best candidates.

Lastly, for success going forward, be patient with your workers as they adjust to the new work environment at home and learn new hiring practices. Have a plan in place to encourage team communication and management, with a positive view of how virtual methods can save your team time and be productive.

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