What Being Authentic at Work Means

Along with focusing on revenue growth, business owners also have the important goal to improve team performance. Creating a sense of belonging within the workplace culture is avital way to do so, and that involves creating an internal sense of authenticity.

Creating and Maintaining Values

Authenticity in relationships is what employees and customers are looking for, and what can set you apart from those leaders who fail to incorporate genuine conversations in to their days. Picking up the phone, for example, is not old-fashioned but instead a way to talk with someone else more directly and openly than a text message.

That is not to say though that technology is not a useful tool for communicating within an organization, as it certainly is. Reinforcing your messages and values, as well as advancing a remote team’s workflow, is more efficient when using advanced software. 

Within these communications, providing a clear statement to your employees about who you areas a leader and what your organization stands for as a brand is important. Then, when they talk as a team and to customers, they understand how to align their actions and goals to best support this message.

With each new hire, be sure to reinforce the message of what values your brand embodies. Also, take the time to respond to questions from your HR department about hiring and othe rinternal activities to show your team that they can rely on you to reply in atimely manner.

authentic at work

Encourage Collaboration

Authentic work place culture also involves taking steps to boost employee engagement rather than looking only at profits or other business results. By changing the physical office area, if you have one, you have the potential to improve worker motivation.

For example, you might change how you utilize office space to combine work with leisure activities or are as specifically for rest. Another layout some businesses have adopted is to integrate the desks of management with those who are at other career levels, rather than putting them on a separate floor or section of the building.

These ideas offer ways to encourage employee collaboration. Thinking about the work environment in new ways can boost work productivity.

Being an Authentic Leader

Establishing your beliefs and values starts the process of creating an authentic workplace. When you follow through with your words and expectations, then employees know what to expect, as do customers.

Being clear in your values and communications help position both you and your organization as trust worthy. Doing so can foster connection internally and externally, with positive results that range from keeping great employees longer to more repeat customers than before.

Furthermore, you can then count on employees to maintain that same sense of authenticity in their interactions with one another and with your customers, even when you are not hands-on in the project that day. Then you can count on them to represent the brand as well as you do and create a closely-knit organization overall. To be an authentic leader involves being vulnerable, and that is courageous. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your team to be authentic?

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