What Is HR Digital Transformation And What Does It Look Like In Practice?

Nowadays, the challenging labor market is making organizations transform their human resources approach. More than ever, businesses need a digital HR strategy with solutions built for automation and monitoring analytics to save time and resources. In this article, we’ll pinpoint the main benefits of HR digital transformation and give some practical examples of how this shift can be implemented.

What is HR digital transformation all about?

In a few words, digital transformation is all about getting rid of paperwork and moving manual processes to technology-based systems. It is the approach of making HR processes automated and data-driven.

Digital tools enable companies to save time and money while improving communication, driving productivity, recruiting top talent, allowing employees to work from anywhere, and providing information that can impact business decisions.

So at the end of the day, HR digital transformation isn’t just about HR - it is a metamorphosis that involves organizations as a whole. As such, it’s important to mention that companies successfully undergoing an HR digital transformation start with leadership and culture. The technology and improved process efficiencies merely support this overall workplace revolution.

Why should you invest in it?

At its core, digital HR transformation is embraced to reduce costs, improve operations, and elevate employee experiences. Other advantages of this transformation include:

• Saving time and resources by automating repetitive and manual processes;

• Optimizing the employee experience to meet their specific needs;

• Maximizing people data and analytics for better decision-making;

• And also improving customer and user processes.

Examples of digital transformation

What does HR digital transformation look like in practice? Here are a few simple examples:


With advancements in machine learning and AI, Applicant Tracking Systems (known as ATS) can now be trained based on accepted candidates’ success data. Along with resume screening, ATS scan handle job postings, pre-interview testing, interview planning, and interview evaluation features. In short, it is a great tool to minimize the time spent on unqualified candidates.


From the moment a candidate signs a contract, to his first day of work, the HR teams deal with many manual tasks, from office tours to orientation. Onboarding digital tools are capable of personalizing the onboarding journey while automating manual tasks HR specialists are usually responsible for.

Performance management

It’s no secret that most companies struggle to align compensation with performance beyond executive or sales roles. Digital performance management tools aim to assist HR teams in collecting feedback and building performance management systems that reward results in the most efficient and fair-minded way.

Learning management

Nowadays, providing growing opportunities is one of the most significant ingredients to succeed as an employer. Learning management software helps companies keep track of the employees’ development, identifying their main skills and struggles, and developing new learning approaches.

Digitalization is a transition process that might feel too challenging. After all, it takes executive management support, a change management framework, and alignment with business objectives to thrive across all teams. Finally, it also requires effective and customizable software to succeed. Yet, when accomplished, this transformation can change a company to the core, making it more efficient and productive at all levels.

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