What Makes a Good Employee Recognition Program?

Whether you are starting a new employee recognition program or looking to improve the existing one, this list of best practices can help you meet the goal. This type of program can be a key part of building a strong, highly-engaged company culture through appreciation and respect.

Clearly Define Goals

As with any other program within your organization, there needs to be an objective and set criteria. Only then will employees know what to expect and be clear about how to achieve the set rewards.

As you build the program, ask yourself key questions, including which behaviors to reward and how to reward them. Also, how often will recognition occur, and who will give the recognition?

Measure the Program

While you might assume that any recognition is good, there still needs to be a way to measure the program’s effectiveness. Only then can you evaluate how to better it and judge what is working well to continue those particular actions.

One way to evaluate the program’s effectiveness is by surveying employees for their opinions on the program, including whether they think it is fair or not. The survey can also help measure the before and after worker satisfaction levels. The insights can help the HR team improve the recognition program to bolster employee motivation.

Try Different Types of Recognition

Many organizations celebrate work anniversaries, and this type of service award is one that you can celebrate too. Doing so may help make the workplace experience more satisfying for employees and shows that the company cares about its people.

Also, consider celebrating worker accomplishments throughout the year, such as going above and beyond on a particular project. The recognition does not have to be monetary-based either; a shout-out or digital badge can be effective too.

An Effective Roll-Out

When rolling out the program, be sure to do so clearly and as smoothly as possible to help ensure its effectiveness. A new program is one that your HR team will communicate to all staff ahead of time, whether through email, the company’s intranet, or another way.

To coordinate the roll-out, use a dashboard that enables the HR team to communicate before the big day and see where the project is at today. These messages are easy to send and receive with Talcura.

Personalized Recognition

When you think about what types of recognition to give and how often, keep in mind that a custom approach may have the most impact. For instance, adding a few extra words to a written message can make it more meaningful to some recipients, rather than simply saying “great job.”

If you are unsure what to say or write to the individual as a way of giving thanks, consider what they did differently than others that made them stand out more. Also, think about what skill or knowledge they used to excel in the project.

A Few Last Words on Employee Recognition Programs

By now, it is clear that a good program involves careful planning and several pieces. The recognition you provide can motivate workers and reflect the needs of your business. With talented HR professionals and a clear idea of the objectives, you can create a culture in which employees thrive.

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