What Not to do When using Social Media in Recruitment

It can’t be denied that social media plays a large role in both personal and professional lives and in the HR industry using social media for recruitment is increasingly common. Social media is challenging to get right, mistakes in the online social world can have far reaching negative effects that may affect how your business and brand is viewed for years to come. Getting it right is very important for lasting positive impressions.

No Formal Strategy

A formal social media strategy should be in place and followed across all areas of your business and brand. This helps to ensure that your business image and the messaging remains consistent across departments and across social platforms. A clear and concise policy eliminates confusion and builds credibility and trust among the followers and the general public.

No Formal Policy

A social media policy is particularly important with respect to the HR sector as incorrect use of social platforms in determining a candidates suitability for your business can have legal implications. Transparency is vital and a policy is never a bad idea. The policy should speak to how social media is used when determining candidacy; which social platforms will you look at and why. It’s also a good idea to request express permission from the candidate so they are aware that their online social reputation will be looked at. More and more companies are requiring the candidates to sign off on a social media policy that allows the potential employer to look at their platforms.

Avoid Assumptions

While leveraging social media for recruitment is a sound and important practice in HR, it does need to be said that a recruiter should not make assumptions, nor rely on assumptions when making hiring decisions. This applies particularly to the younger candidates who in their inexperience may have posted or supported contrary views not fully understanding that their digital footprint may be discoverable for years to come. Giving the benefit of the doubt and avoiding biased recruiting is important. The above points are worth delving deeper into to be sure that your recruitment efforts are based in sound practice, fairness and showcase the best of your business at the same time. Social media and HR will forevermore go hand in hand - getting it right will win you top candidates, will build trust and will further your brand in innumerable positive ways.

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