What You Need to Know about Paperless Onboarding

The HR department of an organization moves quickly, and the professionals here are responsible for a range of essential processes and procedures, including payroll, recruitment, and onboarding. If the piles of paper seem overwhelming, moving to an HRIS/HRMS system with software that has paperless onboarding features is worth serious consideration. Here are four great reasons why.

Enhances Manual Processes

Many HR experts struggle with manual paperwork tasks as they can be slow and tedious. Plus, human error is almost unavoidable.

There might be missed information, too, no matter how well-meaning the individuals in the department. That can happen if HR professionals get caught up in more urgent matters and forget some forms. Making sure nothing gets missed by going paperless can help each employee get the full training experience without worries about any gaps.

Saves Time

Digitalizing onboarding processes has the potential to reduce the time taken for manual paperwork processes, such as creating the employment contract, sending it for a signature, and receiving the completed document. With Talcura’s onboarding software, obtaining an e-signature is convenient and fast. The document then automatically transfers to your HRIS/HRMS or network drive.

Focus More on Higher-Order Tasks

Integrating automation into onboarding steps can remove tedious manual tasks from the HR leader’s workload so that they can instead focus on performance management and other more complex thought processes.

Improves Data Collection

Automating onboarding tasks and moving to a paperless system may improve the process of collecting data too. A traditional routine involves collecting info from new hires by paper and then entering it into a computer. With an automated system, the data creation happens only once, making for a speedier and more streamlined technique. Setting up the new hire in the system faster can help them adjust to the job sooner to contribute to the organization successfully.

A Greener Solution

Moving to a paperless onboarding approach also is good for the planet. Reducing waste is an obvious advantage, as is saving time. There will be less to throw away and shred, making for less work and benefiting the environment. Gen Z candidates may also find your organization more attractive when you have a greener strategy.

Using less paper can save costs for the organization too. Along with the paper, additional expenses are printer ink, paper clips, staples, pens, and related materials.

Shared Access to the Onboarding Platform

A paperless onboard journey also enables HR professionals to have access to everything relating to the onboarding experience within one platform. That can help them assess real-time activity, assign tasks to certain people, and see where there might be bottlenecks. Having this digital place to collaborate can make HR teams more efficient.

Make Going Paperless a Reality

If you are looking for a better way to onboard employees, Talcura’s automated software is designed to provide the solution. Managing new employee documents is easier with enhanced collaboration, task templates, a mobile-first design, and more. It also integrates easily into the existing HRIS/HRMS system. Contact us today to learn more about how to go paperless and automate the onboarding process.

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