Why Managing Employees’ Life Experience Makes Sense Now

A traditional view of HR has the employee experience as its focus. But the pandemic has unveiled the importance of encouraging employees in all aspects of their lives, rather than only related to the workplace. Taking this more expansive viewpoint has the potential to improve workplace performance.

The Link between Health and Performance

A recent study found that employees with supportive employers reported a 20% increase in their health, both mentally and physically. Furthermore, employers who offered support experienced a 21% higher number of top-performing workers over organizations that were less supportive.

This finding provides a good incentive for employers who are on the fence about encouraging employee health and wellness. Investing in your workforce is even more crucial given the unprecedented period of change brought on by the coronavirus.  

To navigate through COVID-19 times, your organization must address the needs of its workers, both in the short and long term. During a time filled with uncertainty and isolation, your workforce can benefit from mental and emotional support, in addition to any programs you already have in place to help their physical health.

Provide a More Encouraging Onboarding Experience

Creating a more supportive experience for new hires starts from day one. Put into place measures that will provide a more welcoming atmosphere, especially for those who are working remotely from the onset.

While they won’t have stepped into your office building before, you can still create a first-day experience that introduces them to the team and gives them a clear picture of on-the-job expectations. You will also want to direct them to where they can find online resources for their best health, both in the workplace and outside of it.

To accomplish this goal involves using an intuitive interface like Talcura Onboarding, which helps recent hires connect with employers to feel more confident and experience less isolation. Set them up with what they need to be productive right away by easily integrating this tool within the existing HR software.

Creating more robust relationships with new employees can help them stay engaged and excited about the job. Building that connection can start before their first day as you encourage them to ask questions to reduce their nervousness. They can easily post messages on Talcura’s system, for instance.

This same system also provides a great way to stay in constant communication with your existing employees, many of whom are likely working from home. Doing so is a step toward keeping them feeling connected and happy.

Recognizing Employees for More than Only Their Work

New and existing workers are the heart of your business, and it’s easy to only focus on their work performance as that is how you know them best. But it is important to take a step back and see their whole selves.

That means doing more than only celebrating their achievements on the job. For HRs to do that involves taking a deeper interest in them. It might be buying an employee a graduation gift, for example, or asking them how they are doing after returning from a period of leave.

Finally, keep in mind that your employees likely miss being able to connect in person. So, offer them easy ways to stay in touch, such as chats, video calls, and emails. That can help them feel at their best, even from a physical distance.

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