Why Onboarding Hourly and Seasonal Employees Deserves Your Attention Too

Improving the onboarding process for full-time and corporate hires is important, but so too is looking at how to better the training practices of hourly and seasonal employees. While there are challenges, such as delivering training across large geographic distances, the effort is well worth it. Starting to build employee loyalty, for example, through a superior onboarding experience, has the potential to boost new hire performance.

Better Performance

It is tempting to skimp on seasonal employee onboarding because you are hiring to meet short-term needs. However, those needs are no less important than long-term employees.

While they are part of your organization, all of them are required to do a great job. A quality onboarding process provides them with the tools to be able to do that.

With better onboarding, you have the potential to improve the productivity of new seasonal and hourly employees. And that means getting a better return on your investment.

Build a Good Reputation

If your hourly and seasonal workers are unhappy with how they have been introduced to the company, they might speak up about it on web forums, websites, and in-person. Over time, the negative feedback online and via word of mouth can lead to fewer applicants for temporary and pay-per-hour job postings.

Furthermore, you might notice that those hired for short-term positions are not re-applying the following year. A negative experience may have soured their perceptions of the company and led them to seek employment elsewhere.

Thus, it makes sense to invest in the onboarding journey for any new hire, so they have the tools to best represent your business. That is an effective way to safeguard the organization’s reputation, keep applications coming, and prevent lost dollars.

Create a Strong Talent Pool

Establishing a database of top candidates to hire for hourly work and seasonal contracts is helpful for several reasons, including reducing the time and cost to hire. When a job opening comes, you have great talent to pick from, so you don’t have to start from scratch every year.

Furthermore, the short-term and hourly workers can be ones that are valuable over the long term, returning year after year. That is even more reason to put as much attention toward their onboarding process as those of full-time and corporate hires. They will be there when a seasonal position opens or maybe if there is a permanent opening.

If they eventually want a permanent job, they might look for it with your organization if they have had a positive experience. Creating a meaningful long-term relationship can help make that happen. It all starts with a good onboarding program.

Creating a Better Onboarding Experience

Seasonal and hourly onboarding is easier and meaningful when you embed them into your company culture. Also important is to explain your expectations upfront and set clear goals for the onboarding journey. Automating the experience also creates a consistent experience for workers and saves HR professionals valuable time in their day.

Talcura understands hourly hiring and how automation can improve the onboarding of short- and long-term employees for your organization. Reach out to us to learn more about how our customizable tools can help.

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