3 Simple Benefits of Automated Recruitment

For a business that wants to grow and evolve, keeping up with technology is essential. Software that is made to improve efficiency, from talent acquisition to balancing the books, can save an organization money year after year, making it a great initial investment. Automated recruitment or hiring is an excellent example of a highly strategical investment, and here are three reasons why.

Provide Personalized Attention to Candidates

This first point may surprise you if the word “automation” makes you think of machines and a non-human approach. Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way and continues to strengthen its ability to provide clear communication in a timely way.

When searching for talent and talking with interested applicants, it’s important to touch base with those people consistently. While that likely isn’t possible for a bustling business, automated recruitment software can send messages and respond appropriately to contacts, so they feel they are getting the attention they deserve.

The smart technology can take the weight off your shoulders by reaching out to talent on your behalf. The personalized attention can go far at setting your business a part from others the candidate is considering and keep you fresh in their minds with the regular messages.

Be Proactive: Source the Best Talent for the Job

Sourcing candidates proactively takes time and is often difficult to do. Using a dedicated tool set that is customized for your environment, your team can begin to systematically source candidates across various sources including LinkedIn.

Rather than hiring a sourcing specialist, a more affordable solution is to use a set of tools in your recruitment automation suite to do the work along with other parts of the recruitment process. The goal here is to provide you with a talent pool for a long time to come and with it a software package that you are comfortable using and can customize to your organization.

Reduce Recruitment Costs with Each Hire

Replacing an employee is expensive. While it is well worth the effort to hire the best employee possible, saving costs in the process is an obvious benefit to any business who wants to see a profit come at the end of the year.

A great way to reduce the cost per hire is to invest in a state-of-the-art customizable recruitment technology. On top of that, AI technology increases daily productivity of recruiters by taking repetitive activities off their plates, such as job postings, sending messages to touch base with interested parties, and tracking which recruitment activities are going well or which ones could use improvement.

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