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As the saying goes, you have only one chance to make a good first impression the same holds true when you are onboarding a new hire. Their experience within the onboarding process sets the stage for that employee’s first impression of your organization and often determines whether they will become loyal, lasting, productive members of the team. You can legitimately say that onboarding and employee retention go hand in hand.  No pressure there! There are things you can do to ensure that the onboarding experience a positive one for everyone involved, increase retention and enhance the corporate culture you are striving to create.

As an HR employee you are more than aware that high staff turnover comes at great costs and that it is better to retain employees than it is to start again at the beginning. An employee that doesn’t make it through to the end of their probation despite their qualifications means that there is an issue with the onboarding strategy you are using, and a review is in order.

Staying organized and keeping track of all the many tasks a new hire faces is much easier with the support of customized onboarding software. Using the Talcura Onboarding program allows you to for malize and track all cross-departmental new hire tasks and responsibilities that are necessary to a successful probation period. Fully branded and customizable, Talcura’s engagement tools enables you and your organization to create the sort of positive first impression that increases new hire retention rates and lowers overall recruitment costs.

Engagement tools serve to:

  • answer new hire questions,
  • exchange files,
  • complete questionnaires, and
  • much more!

The tools within the software also enable you to deliver a professional orientation experience, with zero dropped balls and built-in efficiencies to save time for both the HR employee and the new hire.

Onboarding isn’t just about filling out forms and watching orientation videos, a truly effective onboarding strategy ensures that the new employee isn’t left to flounder around on their own wondering what to do next, where the lunchroom is or who is on their team. Talcura’s Onboarding software enables you to showcase the “human” element, make introductions and in general to showcase your awesome corporate culture. Human resources are continuing to trend towards a more holistic and dynamic system. Looking to consider and value the entire person among so many employees seems adaunting task but one well worth putting forth an effort in as the pay off in terms of employee retention and corporate culture not to mention employee morale is priceless.

Next week we’ll be looking closer at Holistic HR and how Talcura’s solutions can help you in creating an employee-centric working experience.

Learn more about Talcura’s Onboarding by clicking here.

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