Talent Acquisition or Recruitment? Which is best?

Recruitment and talent acquisition are familiar terms in the Human Resource industry. They are often used interchangeably but in fact they have very different meanings. In order to fully understand what talent acquisition is and to undertake it properly, it is useful to understand the difference in meanings.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is the act of sourcing people for available positions. Typically, recruitment is a knee-jerk reaction to an unexpected vacancy within a company. It is reactive and often not strategic.

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What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent acquisition, on the other hand is a vital component of the overall recruitment strategy and long-term planning. It consists of a series of steps that enable the HR professional to begin to source top talent for future positions. The goal is to have a pipeline of talent that you are nurturing along the way. It is forward-looking and not reactive which is in stark contrast to recruitment.

The expectations of candidates have drastically changed and will continue to evolve.HR must respond to the changes in order to bring in the people who have the skills needed for the positions. The candidate experience is of prime importance in acquiring the calibre of people you are looking for. Meeting the expectations of prime candidates means that you must be responsive and genuine, company culture and brand must be on point, and career sites must be easy to navigate.

Talent acquisition is a tall order and meeting the demands of the candidates you want and need to attract can become overwhelming. That’s where specialized talent acquisition software comes in. The right software will fully support HR professionals so that not a single step is missed and not a single stellar candidate will fall through the cracks.

With Talcura Talent Acquisition - The Complete Suite, you can meet every demand of the candidate, be confident that you will be current and appealing to job searchers, while streamlining processes, creating efficiencies and reducing costly employee turnover. The Complete Suite is every recruiter’s dream, fully customizable, seamless and with superior 24/7/365 support.

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